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Mayor: Culture of behaviour on city holidays began to form in Penza

13:30 | 31.05.2017 | Society


Penza, 31 May 2017. PenzaNews. A tendency towards formation of culture of behaviour on city holidays has begun to form in Penza lately. Such opinion was expressed by the mayor Victor Kuvaytsev.

Mayor: Culture of behaviour on city holidays began to form in Penza

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"Earlier, after each holiday that we held at the Sura embankment, which was in a poor aesthetic condition, we removed two or three KamAZ cars of garbage – bottles, empty cigarette packs and packets," he said during a press conference that was held in the Penza administration on Wednesday, May 31.

According to Victor Kuvaytsev, celebration of Victory Day in the evening on May 9, which was held for the first time in Yubileynaya square instead of the embankment that was under reconstruction at that time, showed that the situation began to improve.

"After the celebration of Victory Day in Yubileynaya square, we saw a rather clean territory, and according to the police, which watched the territory, [...] the event was attended by slightly different contingent of people, who did not plan to bring something to the square [...] and to turn it into a dump. [...] It indicates that people's mentality is changing," the mayor noted.

He expressed hope that celebrations of Russia Day and City Day, which will also take place in Yubileynaya square, will be held at a high level.

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