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Penza mayor suggests refreshing graffiti on embankment near Rostok monument

14:13 | 31.05.2017 | Society


Penza, 31 May 2017. PenzaNews. On the threshold of Russia Day and City Day, the head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev suggested refreshing graffiti made in 2015 on a revetment wall of the right bank of the Sura river opposite to the Rostok monument.

Penza mayor suggests refreshing graffiti on embankment near Rostok monument

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"I think this territory should be refreshed. [...] A part of the image became threadbare and looks unpleasant. Let us do it. The issue must be worked out in detail. We should meet with people who are ready to do this," he said turning to representatives of a cultural sector who were present at a press conference in the Penza administration on Wednesday, May 31.

Victor Kuvaytsev asked the head of the children’s art school “Lyra” Victor Gvozdev, who used to occupy the position of first vice mayor, how the graffiti were made.

He explained that the paint had been bought at the expense of sponsors and the images had been made by young initiative artists. According to him, they will be ready to help the city again.

Victor Kuvaytsev reminded that previously graffiti were used for decoration of revetment walls in other parts of the city including the one near an underpass in 8 Marta street. Now these graffiti need refreshing as well.

"This work could be organized before the holiday in order to finish some images before the start of the celebration so that the city looks aesthetic and nice. We will cover the expenses," the mayor specified.

In the end of the press conference, the representative of a youth club under a regional department of the Russian Geographical Society Arnold Aidinyan and like-minded people volunteered to take part in refreshing the graffiti near the Rostok monument saying that they have a prepared graffiti project on an ecological topic, which they would like to implement.

Victor Kuvaytsev explained that the initiative needs endorsement.

"We are not ready to change the image on the other side of the embankment. I think, we should refresh graffiti that are devoted to good topics and find a suitable place for implementation of your project. We should check which square will be the most suitable for this and what else is necessary to do," he noted.

At the same time, the mayor asked activists of the Russian Geographical Society to join cleaning and improvement of the territory opposite to the Rostok monument conducted by workers of municipal enterprises.

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