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Nikolai Mordovin would like to see monument to motherhood in Fontannaya square of Penza

15:40 | 24.07.2017 | Society


Penza, 24 July 2017. PenzaNews. Nikolai Mordovin, the winner of the contest for the best motherhood monument project in Penza, would like to see the “Ladushki” monument he created in Fontannaya square.

Nikolai Mordovin would like to see monument to motherhood in Fontannaya square of Penza

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“My suggestion […] – is Fontannaya square, […] with the background of the building in Maksima Gorkogo street, next to “Arbat” shopping center, the architecture of the early 20th century with a dome in the center. There is a great place against it,” he said to the PenzaNews correspondent.

The sculptor noted that the idea was echoed by Penza architects.

According to Nikolai Mordovin, they think that the monument will perfectly fit into the space.

“It is necessary that all everything be tied to the territory very well: the size, the lighting, and the whole environment. These will be of great importance,” the agency interlocutor said.

The sculptor added that he also stands for placing an arch on high pillars on both sides of the monument, a little behind it, at the top of which there will be a bas-relief with the coat of arms of the Penza region, and above it –a small sculpture of an angel with a cross.

In his view, it will help to arrange the space around the monument.

“This will decided by the architects, in what form [this will be done],” Nikolai Mordovin said noting that the two pillars should not “squeeze” the mother’s figure, therefore a balustrades or a semi-circle could be considered.

According to him, the figure will be slightly different from what is presented in the model.

“When it is created in life-size, changes are definitely to be made,” he explained.

The sculptor specified that the monument depicting a woman’s figure in a dress sitting on a cube, having a child on her knees and playing patty-cake with him is planned to be casted in bronze.

He noted that it will be slightly more than 2 meters high, it will be placed at the ground level – without a pedestal.

“Drafts [variants] –of clay and plaster – will be made here, of course, but then it most likely to be casted in Smolensk. It is a proven option, there are really good masters there, they casted monuments many times by our artists’ orders, and they were actually good at this. This is the most realistic option, because here […] no one can do it,” Nikolai Mordovin said.

He added that it is hard to say how much time it will take to create the monument, but it is scheduled for the 2018 year.
The Penza sculptor noted that motherhood is a topical and predominant theme of all times.

“I tried to convey […] the mother’s feelings combined when she’s giving a birth to a child and raising them,” he clarified.

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