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In Penza before Railwayman Day activists urge RZhD not to transfer palace of culture to church

15:41 | 04.08.2017 | Society


Penza, 4 August 2017. PenzaNews. Members and supporters of CPRF held another protest against transferring the building of the Dzerzhinsky palace of culture in Penza to the Russian Orthodox church before a solemn event dedicated to the Railwayman Day, which was held in the palace of culture on Friday, August 4.

In Penza before Railwayman Day activists urge RZhD not to transfer palace of culture to church

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Some of the activists dispersed around the public garden, which is also named after the revolutionary, and distributed leaflets like during the protest held before.

Other participants of the protest arrived to the place of the campaign with red flags and posters.

Yuliana Kotova, secretary of the Penza city committee of CPRF, held one of them – with the slogan "We demand from the JSC 'RZhD' to prevent turning the palace of culture in a house of worship!"  She stood near the main entrance to the palace of culture so that people who go to the event – both ordinary railway workers and officials – can read the inscription.

According to Yuliana Kotova, the place and time of the protest were chosen in view of the fact that as many people as possible get to know the communists' position.

"We hope to get people's support," she told PenzaNews.

The secretary of the CPRF's city committee specified that about 10 people take part in the campaign.

"Many people take interest. Today we talked to the most active parents who are also against of transferring the palace of culture. [...] Many parents are afraid of the city administration that is why they do not join us openly," the interlocutor explained.

After the start of the solemn event in the palace of culture, activists left the Dzerzhinsky public garden.

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