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Stairlifts for disabled installed in underground crossing at Penza-I station

14:02 | 18.08.2017 | Society


Penza, 18 August 2017. PenzaNews. Special stairlifts that can be used by the disabled to climb up the stairs were installed on both entrances to the pedestrian underground crossing that connects railway and bus stations in Penza.

Stairlifts for disabled installed in underground crossing at Penza-I station

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By the moment, workers installed railings that will let the equipment including the stairlifts produced by the "Vimec" company up and down. One of them is still covered by a protective cover.

Soon without leaving a wheelchair, the disabled will be able to get onto a special platform, which will move along an inclined rail. The equipment will let people with disabilities to surmount the steep slopes up and down safely without help of other people.

It is planned to place information board and a button to call a person on duty, who will help to use the equipment, next to the mechanism.

The stairlift is expected to be ready for use in the coming weeks.

A steep-slope ramp installed on the other side of the underground crossing is almost useless as it is very difficult for the disabled to maintain the speed of a wheelchair and they need other people's help.

Many parents also prefer to avoid unnecessary risk and carry strollers with children down the stairs in their hands without using the ramp.

As it was reported before, reconstruction of the underground crossing at the station Penza-I was finished in December 2016. The reconstruction included laying new tiles on the walls, installation of storm drainage and asphalting the floor.

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