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Zheleznodorozhny area court celebrates its moving to another building

14:20 | 28.08.2017 | Society


Penza, 28 August 2017. PenzaNews. A grand opening of the renovated historic building located at 2 Belinsky street, Penza, where the Zheleznodorozhny area court will be situated, was held on Monday, August 28.

Zheleznodorozhny area court celebrates its moving to another building

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"Historical justice has also been achieved because in the 18th century the building was constructed specially for law enforcement and judicial systems," the governor Ivan Belozertsev noted at the ceremony.

The head of the region presented the workers with a souvenir – a vase, awarded the head of the procedural and institutional department under the justice department administration in the Penza region Elena Kornienko with a certificate of honour, and presented the head of the division of capital repairs and department's material and technical support Marina Dorosinskaya with a certificate of acknowledgement.

In turn, the chairman of the Penza regional court Victor Trifonov noted that the need to move to another building had been caused by increased requirements to the premises and technical equipment.

"Today I would like to congratulate judges of the Zheleznodorozhny area court and its secretaries with the moving to the new building. I wish you success and that you feel more comfortable to work at the new place than in the old days. I would also like to thank Lev Khodos's team, which looked through many archives, examines a lot of historical photographs in order to restore the true appearance of the building," he said.

The team of the court was also congratulated by the chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the region Vladimir Lidin, who drew attention to the fact that much emphasis had been made on ensuring good working conditions for judges lately.

"Historical image is now acquiring a worthy appearance," he added.

Valery Lidin presented the court with a vase with an image of the Penza region coat of arms and the building of the regionals Legislative Assembly on it.

As it was noted by the head of the regional judicial department Alexei Kardakov, a lot of work had been done during the restoration.

"It is planned that construction of a new building of the Penza regional court and reconstruction of the Pervomaisky area court building located at 217 Suvorova street will start soon. These are daunting, complicated and serious tasks, which, I promise, will be fulfilled in case financing meets the requirements," he emphasized.

In turn, the chairperson of the Zheleznodorozhny area court of Penza Marina Ryzhova on behalf of the workers thanked all those involved in the provision of an opportunity to work in the renovated building and promised to meet all expectations.

She noted that the workers had tried to reduce all possible inconveniences to citizens.

"We did not stop to consider cases even for a day," the court chairperson explained.

Then, the symbolic red tape was cut and the assembled had a chance to examine the renovated building.

The court will operate at the new address starting Tuesday, August 29.

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