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Governor, mayor and head of Penza assess quality of Antonova street reconstruction

09:29 | 31.08.2017 | Society


Penza, 31 August 2017. PenzaNews. The governor Ivan Belozertsev, the Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev, the city head Valery Savelyev and other officials assessed quality of Antonova street reconstruction.

Governor, mayor and head of Penza assess quality of Antonova street reconstruction

Photo: Pnzreg.ru

As it was reported by the vice mayor Yuri Ilyin, the length of the reconstructed section was over 1.1 km.

"The size of the road increased. The number of lanes increased to four, the width of the sidewalks – to three metres," he specified.

According to Yuri Ilyin, pipelines and networks were reorganized, stationary electric lighting and bus stop shelters were installed.

Funding for the work was provided by the priority project "Safe roads of good quality" as well as by the regional and city budgets.

Commenting on what he saw, Ivan Belozertsev noted that Antonova street could be an example of a modern approach to development of a neighbourhood.

"The street has four road lanes, comfortable footpaths, nice fencing as well as rainwater drainage and outdoor lighting," he said.

In turn, Victor Kuvaytsev explained that it was not the end of the road reconstruction.

"The road stretch between buildings No.16 and No.18 up to the public transport turning circle will be expanded, and in the future it is planned to repair the road up to Neitralnaya street," the press service of the city administration quotes Victor Kuvaytsev.

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