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It attempted to arrest deputy who holds protest near regional parliament in Penza

18:00 | 29.09.2017 | Society


Penza, 29 September 2017. PenzaNews. The law enforcement authorities interrupted a single-person protest of the human rights activist, deputy of the local self-government committee of the Kamensky village council of the Kamensky area Yuri Voblikov, which he had organized near the building of the regional government in Lenina square on Friday, September 29, when a meeting of the council under the presidential plenipotentiary envoy in the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich with the participation of the Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov was conducted.

It attempted to arrest deputy who holds protest near regional parliament in Penza

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Yuri Voblikov was holding a banner with the inscription "Help to thirsty people of the Volga region! The village of Kalinin was cut off from water supply. What if fire breaks out?! Wait for troubles! Children are not fed at schools. 'TNS Energo Penza' do you have any conscience?"

According to the deputy, by the conducted protest, he tried to draw the regional power's attention to the situation in the Kalinina village, where electricity had been cut off due to debts and the engine that pumped water did not work leaving the school and residents' houses without water.

In addition to four police officers, one of whom reported the situation on the radio, workers of the Penza region government, in particular, the consultant of the internal policy department Alexander Artobolevsky, arrived to the place of the protest.

At the moment when Yuri Voblikov was talking to a PenzaNews correspondent reporting that previously his banner had drawn attention of a representative of the presidential plenipotentiary envoy in the Volga Federal District administration, a police officer turned to the deputy and asked to follow him.

"We were informed that there was a man with a beard in the square who could have some addictive substance with him. You will have to go with us to police division No. 1," the policeman said.

In turn, Yuri Voblikov suggested that his bag was checked by a cynologist with a dog but the police officer insisted that the situation needed to be dealt with in the division.

In about 30 minutes after the deputy, who had rolled up the banner, was taken away from the side of the square that adjoined the road, a procession accompanied by traffic police cars left the building of the Penza region government.

As Yuri Voblikov later told PenzaNews by phone, he agreed to leave the place of the protest voluntarily but before entering the police car he had insisted that the representatives of the law enforcement authorities said the surname of the person who had alleged that the deputy had drugs with him.

According to Yuri Voblikov, after the request the policemen accompanied him to the closest bus stop from where he went straight to the office of the company "TNS Energo Penza".

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