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Penza governor promises support to housing equity holders whose houses not put in operation in time

17:08 | 23.11.2017 | Society


Penza, 23 November 2017. PenzaNews. The government of the Penza region will make every effort so that all problematic facilities of shared-equity construction should be put into operation and the people who invested money in new apartments should finally receive them. This was stated by the governor Ivan Belozertsev during his inspection of long-constructed facilities on Thursday, November 23.

Penza governor promises support to housing equity holders whose houses not put in operation in time

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Together with members of the regional government, he visited five construction grounds of the CJSC Decor-Trade and JSC Penzastroy.

The first construction ground the officials visited was that of the housing estate Sreda in Izmaylova street, which was constructed by the company Decor-Trade. It was originally scheduled that the house would be commissioned in August 2016 but the deadlines were repeatedly postponed.

The head of the region was informed that the facility was finished by 57% and 317 million roubles were required to carry out the remaining works. In case the building is found problematic and its construction is finished by another developer, it will be commissioned in the first quarter of the year 2019.

Ivan Belozertsev suggested that the construction of the facility should be continued by the group Territoria Zhizni: he turned to its representative Fedor Toshchev with the corresponding request.

"Please, take care of the building. I know that it might be difficult as nowadays you are constructing housing estates in the Arbekovo neighbourhood. This also requires very serious investment," the governor noted adding that the regional and city authorities will provide the company with any kind of support.

Ivan Belozertsev also ordered to establish a working group that would be responsible for solving issues of each problematic house. Construction of a building in Izmailova street will be supervised by the deputy chairman of the regional government Dmitry Semenov.

In the course of communication with housing equity holders, the governor said that 300 million roubles were planned to be allocated to solve the issue.

"We will not leave the people in trouble. We are going to finish the construction but we need joint efforts," he emphasized.

Then, Ivan Belozertsev inspected the apartment building in Novo-Kazanskaya street that had been constructed by the company Penzastroy. According to the latest data, the building was finished by 51% and 241 million roubles were required to carry out the remaining works. According to announced information, the housing equity holders had not paid almost 51 million roubles and 10 flats had not been sold yet.

During the visit, it was suggested that the construction should be finished by the company Thermodom. It is planned to do so by the year 2020. Inna Levchenko, acting head of the Penza region Goszhilstroytekhinspektsiya, was appointed responsible for the facility.

The governor ordered to find the best option that would allow commissioning the building as soon as possible taking into account introduction of a monitoring system in relation to Penzastroy.

Then, the officials headed by the governor Ivan Belozertsev went to Bekeshskaya street, where another unfinished facility of the same company was located. It was estimated that 400 million roubles would be required to finish the construction of two block sections.

As it was reported by the chairman of the Penza region government Nikolai Simonov, by the end of the current week it was planned to open a special account for Penzastroy in the Rosselkhozbank, where funds from the sale of company's property would be transferred – they would be used for completion of the construction.

Ivan Belozertsev turned to the general director of the company Reviera Ashot Akopyan asking him to take care of the building. In turn, the latter explained that in order to make a decision he had to become familiar with available documents.

The Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev was appointed responsible for the facility.

The next place the officials visited was a construction ground in 8 Marta street, where another Penzastroy's house is located. Housing equity holders invested 34 million roubles in it and the amount required to finish the construction is 186 million roubles. The work will be supervised by the first deputy head of the Ministry of Construction Svetlana Kruglova. The company Risan was offered to finish the construction.

At the end of the inspection, Ivan Belozertsev visited house No. 4 in Rakhmaninova street, which had also been built by Penzastroy. There, only one building out of a whole block had to be finished. It was estimated that 267 million roubles are required to finish the works. For the time being, the housing equity holders did not pay 36 million roubles.

Ivan Belozertsev suggested that the director of the municipal unitary enterprise Penzgorstroyzakazchik Vadim Borinshtein should consider the possibility of commissioning the building. The minister of construction and road management of the region Alexander Grishaev was chosen supervisor of the works.

Commenting on the results of the inspection, the governor reported that the Penza region government treated the issue of deceived housing equity holders in the most careful way.

In particular, according to Ivan Belozertsev, developers who agreed to finish the constructions will have an opportunity to receive land plots.

"The subject is very serious, complicated. Such things happened due to the crisis," he noted.

The governor added that the law did not oblige the regional authorities to finish the construction of the buildings but being aware of the difficult situation that residents faced, the Penza region government looked for the best options.

"We truly want to help people," he stressed.

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