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Penza resident demands that issue of transferring Glory to Heroes monument decided publicly

13:24 | 30.11.2017 | Society


Penza, 30 November 2017. PenzaNews. The civic activist Igor Alexeev demands that the issue of transferring the monument Glory to Heroes from Sobornaya square, which used to be called Sovetskaya, should be decided openly and publicly, that is taking into account all Penza residents' opinion.

Penza resident demands that issue of transferring Glory to Heroes monument decided publicly

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This became the reason for the one-man protest that the man held near the building of the Penza administration on Thursday, November 30, shortly before the 39th regular session of the City Duma.

The man, who introduced himself to a PenzaNews correspondent as "a citizen of the Russian Federation and the Soviet Union" was holding a poster with the inscription "Monument to heroes: decide publicly".

"The governor [Ivan Belozertsev] is going to transfer the monument to heroes from Sobornaya square, former Sovetskaya one, explaining it by the fact that it is unsuitable there. It cannot be unsuitable because it was erected there by our ancestors who had built the city and made the country strong. If he wants to transfer something to another place, let him do this with the permission of all residents of the city, not considering the opinion of only four veterans, the City Duma, or the Legislative Assembly.

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He reminded that in Tallinn the transfer of the monument to the Soldier-Liberator also known as the Bronze Soldier had aroused great public resonance.

The protester also emphasized that he only wanted to secure public discussion of the issue "in which all the population must be interested".

"I have already brought a letter to the archbishop of our diocese [Serafim] in which I ask him to become a consolidating factor in the discussion, so that there should be no arguments in the society and both people who are enthusiastic about the Soviet Union and those who are interested in our history as a whole should discuss such issues together. It cannot be a backroom decision. This contradicts principles of democracy," Igor Alexeev explained.

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