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Governor speaks about how issue of construction investors solved in Penza

16:32 | 26.12.2017 | Society


Penza, 26 December 2017. PenzaNews. The government of the Penza region is looking for the best way to solve the problem of construction investors who spent money for new housing but have not received the promised apartments. This was reported by the governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Governor speaks about how issue of construction investors solved in Penza

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"I will do my best so that these issues end up successfully," he said at the big press conference that was held in the regional government on Tuesday, December 26.

According to Ivan Belozertsev, the situation is complicated by the fact that by law it is impossible to lay funds for finishing construction of the problematic houses in the budget.

"If someone tells me how to finish the construction quickly today, I will be very grateful," the governor noted.

He reminded that in August the regional law that gives preferences to companies that are ready to complete the suspended construction had been adopted.

Thus, Ivan Belozertsev said that supply pipelines to facilities of the organizations SKM Group and Penzgorstroyzakazchik will be laid at the expense of the regional budget.

"200 million roubles have been laid in the budget of the Penza region to build supply pipelines at building sites of two construction companies. [...] In addition, I ordered to lay 100 million roubles. [...] It is very big money that could be spent on many other things but I understand that people cannot be left to their own fate," the head of the region said.

He added that the Penza administration had almost finished formation of land plots that will be offered to new developers as compensation.

Commenting on the suggestion of the chairman of the regional government Nikolai Simonov to establish housing and construction cooperatives, Ivan Belozertsev noted that cooperatives will also be needed.

"When residents have established cooperatives, they will also participate in the construction," he said.

According to the governor, he is aware of the burden on the people who have to pay mortgage and live in rented apartments.

"We are looking for such solutions that will allow us to properly and competently approach the work on finishing construction of the houses," Ivan Belozertsev explained.

He also expressed an opinion that rallies will not help in the current situation.

"We are working within the tightest deadlines and deal with the issue every week," the head of the region said.

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