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In Penza children of construction investors build toy house

18:47 | 13.01.2018 | Society


Penza, 13 January 2018. PenzaNews. Children of construction investors, who invested money in new housing of the Penzastroy company but still had not received the promised apartments, built a toy house of foam plastic with the help of their parents during the morning performance held on the eve of the old style New Year on January 13.

In Penza children of construction investors build toy house

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Originally, it was planned to hold the event in the centre of Penza – near the main Christmas tree of the city in V.I. Lenin square, but the authorities did not endorse its conduct, that is why families of the investors gathered in a private territory.

Despite the fact that the air temperature fell below the mark of -15C for the first time during the winter, the celebration gathered about 40 children of mainly preschool age, who brought with them toy construction tools – shovels, saws, hammers and buckets.

Сaring parents decorated a small live Christmas tree in the centre of the playground prepared for the children's morning performance. The frame of the foam plastic house, the construction of which was to be completed, was installed near the tree.

According to the scenario of the morning performance, children, who together with their parents dream to finally move to new apartments, had to fight evil forces. They were symbolized by two characters – Grandma IA, whose prototype was insolvency administrator, who according to the construction investors impedes the completion of the problematic facilities construction, and Baba Yaga, who burns down letters from Penza in an oven so that the capital authorities do not find out about the condition of the developer's clients.

Snow Maiden accompanied the young participants of the celebration in their trials. They were joined by Father Frost, who suggested that the children helped their parents to receive the housing that was due to them.

First, they brought moneyboxes and smashed each of them.

Baba Yaga tried to steal the savings obtained with great difficulty. However, the participants of the performance put her and Gramdma IA, who also caused different obstacles, to shame. As a result, they promised that they would become kinder and do their best to help.

Then, Father Frost suggested going straight to the construction, to which the children reacted enthusiastically.

Everyone tried to make a contribution – to bring one of the constituent parts of the house to the frame, to hammer a nail with a toy tool or to check the durability of the construction.

In completion of the construction all children who came to the performance were presented with symbolic "golden keys".

The goat, which was planned to be involved during the morning performance, was not present at the event. The organizers explained it by frosty weather, which did not allow delivering the animal to the celebration.

At the same time, children who expressed willingness to communicate with the cloven-hoofed animal were able to do so a bit later near a household located in the private sector nearby. On arrival at the place it turned out that they would feed a he-goat instead of a she-goat.

According to adult participants of the event, the animal which had previously been mentioned in the context of the investors' issue became a kind of symbol.

As it was noted by one of them, the construction investors want the Penzastroy insolvency to be carried out in strict accordance with the law taking primarily their rights into account but this does not happen for the reasons that are "obvious even to the goat".

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