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About 300 people participate in rally of construction investors in Penza

18:29 | 21.01.2018 | Society


Penza, 21 January 2018. PenzaNews. About 300 construction investors, who had not received promised housing in time, participated in a rally in Penza on January 21, which was the third such event after campaigns held near the cinema Rodina on November 11 and in F.E. Dzerzhinsky public garden on December 24.

About 300 people participate in rally of construction investors in Penza

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From time to time organizers asked participants to stand more compactly in order not to disturb passers-by.

Even though the authorities knew about the venue of the public event in advance, as the Penza mayor's office and the regional government did not agree on any other site, the territory of the public garden was not cleared of snow. In this regard, activists cleaned it themselves with the help of three shovels.

The house made of foam plastic assembled by children of construction investors on the eve of the old style New Year a week ago became one of the attributes of the rally.

As well as during the previous campaign, at the beginning of the rally participants performed the anthem of "Homeless Regiment".

People were holding banners reading "We want the chairman of the Penza region government N.P. Simonov to resign", "Housing construction cooperative: Zhuravlev – Simonov – Kuvaytsev?", "Governor, where are you? 'Penzastroy' construction investors are in trouble!", "Ivan Alexandrovich, help us to receive our apartments!", "We trusted the authorities but were cheated", "Where are our insurance payments? Where are our self-regulatory organizations? Where is our power?", "Stop promising! Start building!", "Shaking the air by promises and debts, the developer makes suckers out of residents" and others.

Turning to those present, the press secretary of the regional Left Front department Sergei Padalkin once again commented on Ivan Belozertsev's words that the opposition wants to collect political capital handling the issue of construction investors.

He emphasized that representatives of the movement provide only organizational assistance, which United Russia and All-Russian People's Front failed to offer to participants of the construction.

Sergei Padalkin also expressed the opinion that following the principle "share and rule" attempts to split the ranks of united citizens and to cause them to quarrel with Left Front are currently made. In this regard, he urged everyone not to succumb to provocations.

In turn, participant of the meeting Natalia Rudakova drew attention to the fact that most of the media do not objectively cover the issue of construction investors in Penza.

"You tell a journalist one thing, express your claims to the government, supervisory authorities, but the final article does not include this. Our media do not keep back the fact that all these reports on television can be made only with the permission of the government," she said.

According to her, very often construction investors are shown as beggars, who allegedly try to solve their apartment issues at the expense of the budget to the detriment of other residents.

"We do not ask to take away money from other people. We ask to return what we have paid for and what belongs to us in conformity with the law," Natalia Rudakova stated.

The issue of the change of the temporary manager of LLC Penzastroi was also touched upon. Previously the willingness to perform the functions had been expressed by Elena Danilkina, member of the self-regulatory organization Liga.

"Liga consists of insolvency managers. They come to enterprises that are about to go bankrupt and introduce their policy. At first, they promise that they will do their best to restore the enterprise but practically it happens that even no financial recovery plans are drawn up. [...] What do you think will happen to Penzastroi? It is going to be sold brick by brick. Do you understand? Our houses will be simply disassembled! [...] Criminal cases will be opened, the guilty will be looked for, but it will be too late," investor Dmitry Tsvetkov said.

He urged everyone to visit the meeting of creditors in Penzastroi office on January 22, to vote for an alternative manager and then to explain the choice in court on January 24.

In continuation of the event, Olga Tsvetkova, participant of the event, drew attention to the financial burden of the construction investors who had invested money in housing several years ago but still had not received it.

"We bought a flat in 2015. We have been waiting for it for more than two years but have not received it yet. We have a second child. We dreamt that by the moment the child was born we had moved into the new apartment but it did not happen – we are living in a rented apartment and repaying the mortgage. The only ones who help us are our parents, no one else helps us. We're parents, too. If we do not help our children, the apartments will be neither ours nor theirs," she said.

During the rally, collection of signatures under various appeals to authorities of different instances was carried out.

Clients of the company Penzastroi – representatives of the residential complexes "Raiki", "Ternopolsky", "Na Strelbishchenskoi", "8 Marta", and "Lukomorye" – plan to direct one of the appeals to the prosecutor of the Penza region Natalia Kantserova.

It states that the total number of people who suffered from the construction investing reaches 3,000 people.

The appeal explains that to all inquiries the investors receive only written excuses – no information about decisions made and measures planned have not been provided to them to date.

The text of the letter also contains the requirement to assess the effectiveness of the authorized authorities of the Penza region and personally governor Ivan Belozertsev with regard to the completion of the problematic houses construction.

"We are asking you to protect us from illegal inducement to establish a housing construction cooperative. Many participants of the equity construction have a fear of being left with nothing," the address says.

None of the officials responsible for solving the problems of the shareholders visited the rally.

No shooting teams of Penza TV channels were present at the event. The majority of printed and Internet media also ignored it.

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