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Alexander Tuzov claims that he lives at expense of his wife

17:17 | 22.01.2018 | Society


Penza, 22 January 2018. PenzaNews. The ex-officer of the Federal Security Service, member of the public council under the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, founder of an Internet medium Alexander Tuzov, who had lost almost 500,000 roubles during a year in copyright suits and previously informed bailiffs that monthly he spent 18,390 roubles for repaying a credit for a Honda CR-V car and the remaining 4,000 roubles – for support of himself and a child, this time claimed that he lives at the expense of his wife.

Alexander Tuzov claims that he lives at expense of his wife

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"[...] I am already living at the expense of my wife – a civil servant, who also has to support my underage son, a student of a gymnasium," the written request to contest actions of a bailiff signed by Alexander Tuzov, which was received by the arbitration court of the Penza region, reads.

"My wife pays for our accommodation, tutors of our son, supports me, pays for my taxes and medicine that maintains my health," the text adds.

Previously it became known that Alexander Tuzov, who owed over 100,000 roubles, sued bailiffs as the amount of the recovery from the pension, which equals 22,800 roubles and according to him is the only source of income, had been increased from 20% to 35% on December 15, 2017.

"Under the circumstances of my financial situation and the absence of work, [the increase in the amount of recovery] is tantamount to my bankruptcy," Alexander Tuzov, who also positions himself as a political expert, claimed.

At the same time in autumn 2017, the plaintiff suggested the bailiffs that debtor Alexander Tuzon should be relieved from the credit that oppresses his family budget by means of selling the Honda CR-V car produced in 2014, whose cost at the moment of purchase was over 1 million roubles.

The vehicle is not available for sale until now.

As it was reported before, all Alexander Tuzov's bank accounts had been arrested.

A prohibition to register the car taken on credit was imposed.

The bailiffs also passed resolutions about enforcing the pledge on Alexander Tuzov's pension in the amount of 35%, as well as on his salary – in the amount of 50%.

The debtor is also restricted from travelling outside Russia.

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