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Alexander Tuzov claims he becomes "almost bankrupt"

20:19 | 26.01.2018 | Society


Penza, 26 January 2018. PenzaNews. The ex-officer of the Federal Security Service, member of the public council under the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, founder of an Internet medium Alexander Tuzov, who according to his own words depends on his wife, a civil servant, which caused Internet-users to put Tuzov to shame, this time claimed that he "had gone almost bankrupt".

Alexander Tuzov claims he becomes "almost bankrupt"

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The statement was announced during the hearing in the arbitration court of the Penza region on Thursday, January 25, where Alexander Tuzov's administrative claim to bailiffs, who had increased recovery from his pension from 20% to 35%, while the pension itself according to the debtor equalled to 22,800 roubles and was his only source of income, was considered.

In court trying to tell participants of the process his version of how he became "almost bankrupt" due to claims on photographs that did not belong to him Alexander Tuzov still stated that the copyright had been actually violated and about 35 photos had been used illegally over the last two years.

In fact, 53 facts of illegal use of photos on Alexander Tuzov's website were established alone within the framework of one action, the first one, adjudicated in June 2016. Since then, he lost a few more cases, not only in arbitration.

The amount of debt the bailiffs are trying to recover in favour of the right holder this time is over 100,000 roubles. At the same time, new lawsuits on the same ground – illegal use of objects of copyright are found against Alexander Tuzov in court.

The word "bankrupt" was mentioned by the debtor Tuzov several times in different interpretations within the court session.

Thus, for example, he said that his individual enterprise had been closed "under the threat of bankruptcy". In addition, according to the mass medium founder, the current situation put the project, which according to Alexander Tuzov's own estimates is weakening day by day, and his family "on the brink of bankruptcy". He also said that his opponents who institute new claims allegedly seek "to make him bankrupt or have already succeeded in doing so".

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In addition, Alexander Tuzov confessed that in two years of studying law enforcement practice on copyright related to photographs he "had turned bald".

At the same time, the debtor tried to persuade the court that he had allegedly previously paid for the photos 500,000 roubles, which he had had to borrow from his relatives because he had never had such money.

In addition, in his speech the ex-officer of the Federal Security Service publicly voiced inaccurate information about the amount of compensation and court costs.

At the end of the court session, Alexander Tuzov made a few more statements – in particular that teaser advertisements are placed on the website primarily to increase the number of page views, and the drone and photo camera he uses do not belong to him.

The next court session, which will continue consideration of the Alexander Tuzov's administrative suit against bailiffs, will be held on February 19.

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