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Penza mayor's office does not endorse protests near offices of TV channels

12:20 | 03.02.2018 | Society


Penza, 3 February 2018. PenzaNews. Penza mayor's office did not endorse Left Front’s application to hold protests near offices of the broadcasting companies Express, Nash Dom, and Penza within the campaign against suppression of issues and current events by the mass media that work in the territory of the Penza region.

Penza mayor's office does not endorse protests near offices of TV channels

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The corresponding application had been submitted on January 31 – on the same day when Sergei Padalkin, secretary of the regional department of the movement, held a one-person protest with the banner reading "Does Penza have mass media? Journalists distort facts! The television suppresses problems!".

On February 2 an answer signed by the vice mayor Vladimir Popkov was received, which suggested holding the planned protest actions in the Dzerzhinsky public garden.

"This is what the vice mayor Vladimir Popkov states: The city administration received letters from general directors of the above mentioned broadcasting companies stating that it is planned to carry out sanitary works in the territories adjacent to the administrative buildings at the time specified in the application," Sergei Padalkin quoted the official.

According to him, the Penza administration also referred to the fact that there are car parks near buildings of the broadcasting companies, that is why it is not possible to ensure the safety of participants of the public events.

"We cannot accept this answer and will go on the appointed date and time to the places where it has been planned to carry out the activities. Let the city administration not worry about our safety. We are not going to get under the cars. The Left Front should help broadcasters to overcome their fears of protests. We will also check what kind of sanitary works they are going to carry out there," Sergei Padalkin noted.

It is expected that the campaigns near the company Express will be held on February 6, near the broadcasting company Nash Dom – on the next day, and on February 8 – near the public TV and radio company Penza.

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