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One-person protests near broadcasting company Penza held under security surveillance

19:49 | 08.02.2018 | Society


Penza, 8 February 2018. PenzaNews. Representatives of the broadcasting company Penza called a rapid response team of the enterprise Communication-Security and the police to 39 Lermontova street in connection with the fact that activists of Left Front and National-Patriotic Forces of Russia were holding one person protests announced last week within the campaign against suppression of problems and misinterpretation of facts by the mass media that work in the territory of the Penza region.

One-person protests near broadcasting company Penza held under security surveillance

Photo: Leftpenza.ru

This was the first time the media reacted like this to the actions of the opposition activists.

On February 6, similar protests had been organized near the media holding Express in Markina street where journalists of the TV channel of the same name, radio station Ekho Penzy and Internet medium Penza-Press talked to the protesters.

On February 7 a campaign had been held near the building of the broadcasting company Nash Dom in Mira street where cleaning works involving several people with shovels and a tractor started at the same time.

In both case, no one interfered with the supporters of opposition views.

There was no cleaning near the main building of the broadcasting company Penza in the morning on February 8 even though previously the head of the state company Oksana Chubar had sent a letter to the mayor's office reporting planned cleaning works near the building. For this reason the activists were forbidden from holding a full-fledged protest.

In this regard they decided to organize one-person protests with banners reading "We are against censorship and lies on TV!", "It is as clear as a day, why are you afraid of telling the truth!", and "Carry out sanitary works on the channel!"

Even though the police did not let the leftists enter the territory adjacent to the main building, they still stated their attitude behind a barrier at the approach to the broadcasting company – near the radio house.

Photo: Leftpenza.ru

After the end of the campaign the police squad that had arrived at the scene demanded explanations from the coordinator of the regional Left Front department Victor Khomets.

According to representatives of the movement they intend to continue the fight for objective coverage of events in the Penza region.

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