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70% of respondents support idea of changing job title of Penza head

16:05 | 26.02.2018 | Society


Penza, 26 February 2018. PenzaNews. 70% of the respondents of the survey conducted on PenzaNews website on February 12-25, 2018, support the idea of changing the job title of Penza head to Chairman of the Penza City Duma. Altogether 620 Internet users, including 584 – from the Penza region, took part in it. 

70% of respondents support idea of changing job title of Penza head

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Only one fifth of the voted Internet users have the opposite opinion.

10% of the respondents remained undecided.

As it was reported before, on October 17, 2017, Deputy Yuri Zinovyev, member of the United Russia party, suggested changing the job title of Head of Penza to Chairman of the Penza City Duma as it had been before.

According to him, as there are both the city head and the head of the city administration in Penza, "people do not understand what is the difference between the two".

In addition, Yuri Zinovyev expressed the idea about optimizing the structure of local government bodies. He was supported by two deputies – Alexei Shuvarin, also a member of United Russia, as well as Alexander Trutnev, representative of the Communist Party.

Commenting on Yury Zinovyev's suggestion to change the job title of the city head the leader of Penza communists, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, presidium member of the Central Committee of CPRF Georgy Kamnev said that in general he supports the initiative of the United Russia member but at the same time he expressed confidence that the changes will not give any effect as "they retain the functions changing only the title".

According to Georgy Kamnev, more substantial changes are required, such as for example direct elections of Penza mayor, which the Communist Party advocates.

According to the survey conducted on PenzaNews website on January 15-28, over 80% of its participants agree with the fact that the head of the Penza administration should be elected by means of direct municipal elections.

According to another two-week online poll, which finished on February 11, over 50% of the respondents do not know what authority Penza head possesses and what belongs to head of the city administration.

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