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Video depicting man resembling official Trokhin roaming about car park appears on Internet

13:59 | 07.03.2018 | Society


Penza, 7 March 2018. PenzaNews. A video made with a help of a car camera showing a man resembling deputy chairman of the Penza region Vasily Trokhin, who is in charge of domestic policy, roaming about a car park in Lenina square in the centre of Penza with a white folder appeared on the Internet.

Video depicting man resembling official Trokhin roaming about car park appears on Internet

Photo: Youtube.com/watch?v=1gf6QlaArjs

It was uploaded by a user under the nickname Gomer Simpson, which originally belongs to an unreal character from the famous cartoon series “The Simpsons”, on Friday, March 2.

First, the date June 27, 2017, appears on a black background accompanied by music of the humorous TV series “Maski-Show” popular in 1990s, then a viewer can see the time – 18.50 and immediately after that – the words “The car park opposite the Penza region government”.

At the same time, the information in the left lower corner, where normally date and time of shooting is automatically indicated, is concealed.

Immediately after this a man wearing a grey suit and a white shirt without a tie appears on camera. Turning around he slowly walks towards Kirova street between the cars parked in the square.

It can be seen that the man is smoking holding a white folder in his left hand, though it is impossible to see what is written on it. At a certain moment the man raises his hand as is willing to find out what time it is.

Photo: Youtube.com/watch?v=1gf6QlaArjs

 “What is the man resembling deputy chairman of the Penza region government Vasily Trokhin doing at the car park with a folder reminding of that with official documents of the Penza region government?” the words appear in the video.

Then “the official” gets out of camera for a while but the shooting does not interrupt showing a car driving away in the foreground and people continuing walking along the square.

In several seconds the man, who seems to be looking for someone in the car park, appears on camera again but a bit in a distance – behind the second row of vehicles. He stops to dial a phone number or to answer a call, then – puts his right hand to an ear. After that “the official” starts to move back – towards Moskovskaya street, that is in the direction of the place he came from. The man resembling Vasily Trokhin continues to hold the phone at his ear for about 15 seconds.

Photo: Youtube.com/watch?v=1gf6QlaArjs

As soon as he lowers his hand – presumably having finished the conversation – a man dressed in bluish clothes appears on camera moving towards “the official” to the melody of “El Bimbo”, which is mainly known by the tango scene in the bar Blue Oyster from the American comedy “The Police Academy”.

Photo: Youtube.com/watch?v=1gf6QlaArjs

At the same time it is seen that he puts something in a back pocket of his trousers in haste, which can be the telephone he has just used to talk to his interlocutor.

The user who uploader the video states that the man walking at a fast pace towards “the official” reminds of Alexander Tuzov, ex-officer of the Federal Security Service, member of the public council under the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, founder of an Internet medium, who previously lost a number of suits and owes over 120,000 roubles and currently depends on his wife, a civil servant.

 “The person reminding of Alexander Tuzov is in a hurry towards the man reminding of Vasily Trokhin, who is holding a folder much talked-about,” the words appear on screen.

At this point the two-minute video finishes without disclosing whether the two met and whether the folder “with secret documents of the Penza region government” was handed from one man to the other.

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