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Construction investors hold protests near Penza administration demanding meeting with mayor

13:30 | 12.03.2018 | Society


Penza, 12 March 2018. PenzaNews. On March 12, real estate investors who invested money in new housing but still have not received the promised apartments held a series of one-person protests in front of the building of the Penza administration demanding a meeting with mayor Victor Kuvaytsev.

Construction investors hold protests near Penza administration demanding meeting with mayor

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Since 8.30 they took turns standing near the porch of the building holding the flag of the so-called Homeless Regiment, which united clients of the Penzastroy company.

Each activist was carrying two plates. One of them contained the inscription "Kuvaytsev! Give land to developers and let them work", the other one – "Land to developers, flats to deceived construction investors".

As one of the protesters, investor of the housing estate Raiki Mikhail Karp told PenzaNews, the activists planned to hold the campaign until 14.00.

"[Penza mayor Victor] Kuvaytsev does not want to meet with us. We have not been able to contact him for over 75 days. He does not answer phone calls, [...] does not attend the meetings that should weekly be held in the government featuring activists-investors," the interlocutor said.

Mikhail Krapp assumed that new developers do not hurry to solve the issue of the problem houses also due to the fact that there is no full and objective information on the situation.

"We have to participate in one-person protests and demand a meeting with the city mayor so that he should give us some information, tell us, explain what is going on now and what is going to happen tomorrow, what are the prospects for the construction, what is in store for the people. 3000 people do not have a place to live and do not know what will happen tomorrow. Our demand is very simple: we want the city mayor to organize a meeting with activists and clarify the situation," the construction investor explained.

Immediately after these words Mikhail Raikin, investor of the housing estate Raiki Victoria Baikova, who was ready to replace the participant of the one-person protest, and a PenzaNews journalist saw Victor Kuvaytsev leave the mayor's office, get into a car and drive away.

"Kuvaytsev passed by without even approaching us to have a talk. Now you see how it works. [...] He simply passed by," Mikhail Krapp commented on the situation adding that this shows mayor's attitude to city's residents.

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He also said that Oleg Vikulov, section manager of the law violation prevention and civil and religious organizations issues department of the Penza city administration, had approached the protesters earlier noting that the protests were meaningless since after another call of construction investors a meeting with the mayor was scheduled for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Mikhail Krapp explained that he got in touch with other construction investors who confirmed the fact that the call had been made and the meeting was scheduled for the following week.

"The phrase ‘maybe next week’ is not an appointment but rather a mere consent to meet," the interlocutor noted.

He also drew attention to the fact that over 480 signatures had been put under the resolution of deceived construction investors during the rally held near the former Rodina cinema.

During the one-person protests police officers checked documents of the activists and watched the event together with a member of voluntary police for a while.

Those who saw the protesters but did not approach them included in particular one of Victor Kuvaytsev's deputies – vice mayor on land and urban development Magomed Agamagomedov.

Having left the building he passed the protesters by trying not to pay attention to them the same as his supervisor.

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