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Residents of houses in Ladozhskaya street outraged by rudeness of GAZel driver

18:18 | 12.04.2018 | Society


Penza, 12 April 2018. PenzaNews. Residents of several blocks of flats located in Ladozhskaya street in Penza are outraged by rude behaviour of the driver of a GAZel truck, who left the vehicle on a lawn for a long time.

Residents of houses in Ladozhskaya street outraged by rudeness of GAZel driver

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Not indifferent people who turned to the PenzaNews editorial board said that the vehicle with a sign "Tsinkar" had been on that place even when there had been snow in the streets. According to them, nobody paid attention to the truck during this time.

"To begin with driving on a lawn is simply rude, it is a violation of the rules of improvement. The lawn is for grass, not for a truck. Secondly, it is a safety matter. Almost every day we hear about terrorist attacks. The GAZel was left near two nine-storeyed buildings. Who knows what is under its awning. If someone puts an explosive agent under it, we will be done. There is a similar building on the other side of the street and a closed truck near it left there since winter. The road has not been cleaned well because of it," the man who refused to introduce himself complained to a PenzaNews journalist.

According to him, local residents became accustomed to the fact that drivers leave their vehicles in this stretch of Ladozhskaya street including straight on the roadway but the case involving the GAZel left on a lawn was outrageous.

In addition, the interlocutor complained that the territory near house No. 35 from the side of the road had not been cleaned by utility workers for a very long time.

"Just take a look at it! It is fully covered with last year's leaves, garbage and dirt. I have a feeling that this piece of land that had once been green and well maintained was forgotten. Our residents are ready to participate in a community workday and help janitors but we do not want to clean instead of them. They get paid for it," he said.

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