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Penza communists celebrate 148th anniversary of Lenin's birth with parade and rally

15:59 | 22.04.2018 | Society


Penza, 22 April 2018. PenzaNews. Members and supporters of the Communist Party of Russia held a parade and a rally on the occasion of the 148th anniversary of the leader of world proletariat, Vladimir Lenin.

Penza communists celebrate 148th anniversary of Lenin's birth with parade and rally

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The column proceeded from the Denis Davydov public garden along Moskovskaya street to the monument of the Marxism-Leninism founder in the central square of the city.

When opening the rally, the secretary of the Penza city committee of the Communist Party, Yuliana Kotova, noted that the teaching of the founder of the first in the world socialist state is relevant even nowadays.

"Like 100 years ago our country is in a crisis and there are only two ways out of it. The first one is to leave our country wrong-footed, to continue reducing costs of all social spheres; this is a path of degradation, which our government is on at the moment. The second one is a way of effective and up-to-date modernization. It is the success of this way that Vladimir Lenin showed to us," she said.

In turn, retired major Victor Pervun emphasized that Vladimir Lenin was "an outstanding person".

"None of politicians managed to change the course of historical development as it was done by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. It was thanks to his ideas that real socialism appeared – it emerged and continues to exist in spite of the fact that our country temporary deviated from it," he explained.

Then, the first secretary of the Serdobsk area committee of the Communist Party, Alexander Smirnov, turned to those present calling the day a great holiday and Vladimir Lenin – the person who changed the world.

In his opinion, current government does not honour the memory of "the bright Soviet past".

"The latest trend is to move everything that reminds of Soviet times to another place. Here it is, the stele Glory to Heroes is being transferred," Alexander Smirnov said finishing his speech with the words "Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live forever!"

Speaking about the personality of the leader of world proletariat, the first secretary of the regional committee of the Lenin Komsomol, Alexander Rogozhkin, reminded that Vladimir Lenin is not only a statesman.

"First of all, Lenin is a revolutionary, a fighter, a person who spent much time hiding, had to emigrate; [...] he is the person who won," he noted.

Turning to party members, the deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, presidium member of the Central Committee of CPRF, first secretary of the Penza regional committee of the party, Georgy Kamnev, drew special attention to the fact that Vladimir Lenin writings contain answers to many questions that a modern person may have.

"For example, after each election we discuss if it is worth participating in these unfair, unjust, fake procedures when rules are changed every day. [...] They are established in favour of the main players in the political field, as they consider themselves. Do we need to participate in such a fake game when the whole deck of cards is marked and all cards are known beforehand? We open Lenin's writings and find answers there," the leader of Penza communists said.

He emphasized that one of the key questions is "where the government that supports first of all the oligarchs will take us".

"Ordinary people – we and you – suffer with the increasing crisis and the increasing competitive struggle," Georgy Kamnev stated adding that Vladimir Lenin's ideas live and will live forever.

Then, the first secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party presented party membership cards to new members of the Communist Party of Russia.

The rally ended with laying flowers to the monument to Vladimir Lenin.

Festive events on the occasion of the 148th anniversary of his birthday were also held in areas of the Penza region.

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