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Residents of Kurakino indignant at proximity of church to garbage dump and burial ground for animal refuse

13:09 | 30.04.2018 | Society


Serdobsk, 30 April 2018. PenzaNews. The residents of the Kurakino village of the Serdobsk area are indignant at the fact that there is a garbage dump 150 metres away from the local St. Nicolas the Miracle-Worker cathedral and a cemetery. On the other of it side in approximately the same distance there is a burial ground for animal refuse.

Residents of Kurakino indignant at proximity of church to garbage dump and burial ground for animal refuse

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Within the project “On the trail of forgotten estates” the place was visited by PenzaNews photo journalist Maxim Kostyushin, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region Yana Kuprina and chairman of the youth parliament Andrei Sushkov.

As it was said by Galina Ivanova, Kurakino resident, the garbage dump had been there for eight years, but the residents started to manifest particular worry approximately four years ago when divine services were resumed in the restored church.

“There was some fence there, but it was all taken for scrap,” she said explaining that then the garbage was scattered along adjacent territories by wind.

The resident specified that the refuse dump is set on fire from time to time, which causes smoke and unpleasant smell disturbing local people.

Galina Ivanova noted that in December 2017 the residents turned to the village and area council administrations with a request to move the refuse dump further from the settlement and the church, but the letters gave no result.

In addition, according to her the use of burial ground for animal refuse in Kurakino was resumed.

“It had been out of service since Soviet times but since March some movement near it began. We did not pay attention to it first. Then we took a look and saw a new fence there, that’s it. […] As [the head of the administration of the Kurakino village council Alexander] Yudin told us, the burial ground for animal refuse can be used by the village but we do not have domestic animals nowadays. There are nine cows in the whole village. Who is the burial ground for?” she added.

According to the local resident, the facility must be moved further away from the village.

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