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Signs prohibiting parking at night installed in Glazunova and Ternopolskaya streets

12:23 | 02.05.2018 | Society


Penza, 2 May 2018. PenzaNews. Signs prohibiting parking of transport from 22.00 to 6.00 and warning about the work of a tow truck during these hours were installed in Glazunova and Ternopolskaya streets in Penza, where motorists used to leave their cars for a long time preventing high-quality cleaning of roads.

Signs prohibiting parking at night installed in Glazunova and Ternopolskaya streets

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According to local people, the new order was put into effect at the end of April.

Thus, the signs were installed on the even side of Glazunova street – near buildings No. 4 and 6, on the opposite side – at house No. 5 in Ladozhskaya street, where in March a Renault car had been covered with snow up to the windows, as well as near house No. 30 in Prospekt Stroiteley street – at about the same place where a truck had been left for a long time, which caused displeasure of Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev.

Despite the fact that the long vehicle Volvo left the place of the long-term parking in the middle of April and the road is fully available for driving, drivers still use only a part of it.

One of the reasons is the unsatisfactory condition of the asphalt after winter, another one is the mud, which is carried by rain and wind to the roadway located below the ground level.

Broken off branches that can be seen among the trees and last year's foliage preventing grass from growing also contribute to the fact that the street looks untidy.

New road signs were also installed in Ternopolskaya street, which is often used by car drivers as a temporary parking lot due to the lack of parking spaces near their houses.

They were placed at house No. 35 in Ladozhskaya street – near the place where a GAZel vehicle used to be located on the lawn, and on the other side – near house No. 33.

Foliage and branches were not removed from there either. A part of the road is covered with mud as in Glazunova street.

There is some visible progress in resolving this problem in Ladozhskaya street, however: residents hope that the newly dug trench is designed for a high curb, which will separate the lawn from the roadway.

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