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Indian porcupines breed in Penza zoo for first time

17:20 | 22.04.2019 | Society


Penza, 22 April 2019. PenzaNews. A couple of Indian porcupines kept in the Penza zoo bred for the first time.

Indian porcupines breed in Penza zoo for first time

Photo: Zoo-penza.ru

According to the website of the zoo, a male cub was born, which is of white colour yet.

In addition, white Shetland pony Sparta gave birth to a foal. Like his mother, he is already able to enter an open-air cage. At the same time, visitors are not recommended to come too close, because the pony can bite sensing danger.

Female kangaroo Bennetta has also given birth. If lucky, one can see the small kangaroo looking out of the bag.

In addition, nestlings of the barn owl hatched out, whose parents are still protected from prying eyes.

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