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Lawn laid in Lenina square in Penza

17:28 | 04.06.2019 | Society


Penza, 4 June 2019. PenzaNews. Natural roll lawn was laid in several sections of Lenina square in Penza.

Lawn laid in Lenina square in Penza

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This was done after planting trees and shrubs. The green coating sides them very closely.
The largest sector of lawn was laid near the Volga-Vyatka main department of the Bank of Russia in the Penza region. Now the lawn beautifies the territory between the square and the parking lot, which is not covered with tiles. It was also laid between the sectors that are enclosed by walking paths intersecting at a right angle and the curved part made in the shape of the Shelokhovka river that flew along the territory of the modern square till the end of the 19th century.

The lawn was also rolled out along the shopping centre Imperia next to benches and a row of lamp posts.

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