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Black bear wakes up in Penza zoo

15:19 | 11.03.2020 | Society


Penza, 11 March 2020. PenzaNews. Black bear Balu that lives in the Penza zoo has come out of winter hibernation.

Black bear wakes up in Penza zoo

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"Now it's spring in our zoo too, and that's for sure, because you can't fool the bear! Having felt the warmth of the first spring sun, our black bear Balu came out of hibernation!" states a message posted on the official page of the menagerie on Facebook.

It adds that Himalayan bears are quite noisy animals, making many different sounds, but after hibernation Balu of Penza is more relaxed.

"While still a little sleepy Balu rejoices at the arrival of spring, eating with appetite trying to catch up with what he missed when sleeping," the text says.

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