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Penza “Zenit” football club victorious over “Orel”

12:57 | 11.04.2015 | Sport


Penza, 11 April 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza football club “Zenit” has been victorious over the “Orel” club from the eponymous city while on the opponent’s turf with 2:0 in the All-Russian Football championship for the second division teams in the “Center” section.

“Both teams began playing cautiously, the owners of the turf mostly attacking from the right flank. Soon, their actions lead to the yellow card for a hockey-worthy trick against Orel’s forward player. Then, the Orel goalkeeper barely blocked the dangerous strike by Komisov from outside the penalty box. The opposite team also nearly led to a scoring moment, but their forward got too slow, and Rogachev checked their advance. At the end of the first period, ‘Zenit’ struck hard, and the goalie blocked the first shot, while Kuznetsov missed the second. After the period, Mamatyuck has replaced the Ambartsumyan after the latter got a leg injury,” Nikolai Shumilin, press contact of “Zenit,” commented on the match for PenzaNews agency.

The strategy of the club changed completely during the second period, he noted.

“The team had all the initiative and occupied the middle. On the 52nd minute, ‘Zenit’ played out a quick chain that ended in a score by Kuznetsov. On the 61st minute, the new attack ended up with a precise strike by Mamatyuk: 2:0. Then, ‘Zenit’ got a penalty hit thanks to Chkhapelia, but the player’s attack was blocked by Orel’s players. Komisov also made dangerous attacks, even from the penalties, but the ball again evaded the goal. ‘Orel’ did not give up, developed further a very dangerous chain, but Tsibikov brought the ball out of the score, and ‘Zenit’ calmly held the match to victory. In the end, the Penza players went against an opposing defender, three on one, but Gerasimov decided to play the ball on his own instead of passing it to the free Komisov, and the opportunity was lost,” the speaker noted.

According to him, “Zenit” will hold the next match in Penza on Friday, April 17, on the “Zenit” stadium, against “Arsenal 2” from Tula. 

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