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Penza to hold high-speed telegraphy championship, all-Russian competition

10:22 | 26.06.2015 | Sport


Penza, 26 June 2015. PenzaNews. Penza will hold the championship and all-Russian competition in high-speed telegraphy, a registered sport in the Russian Federation, on June 26-30.

The events will bring together over 60 competitors from eight regions: the Penza, Sverdlovsk, Moscow, Voronezh and Kemerovo regions, Altai and Krasnodar Krais, and St. Petersburg city.

The competitions will be held in the children and teenage radio sports school in Penza.

According to the press service of the regional sports committee, these events are the final step leading towards the formation of a team that will represent Russia at the 12th high-speed telegraphy championship in Macedonia this September.

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