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Tamala to hold boxing competition to honor Russian Hero Roman Kitanin’s legacy

09:18 | 26.08.2015 | Sport


Tamala, 26 August 2015. PenzaNews. The settlement of Tamala in the Penza region will hold an open regional boxing competition in legacy of the Hero of Russia Roman Kitanin on August 26-28.

The opening ceremony will be held at 11.00 on Wednesday, August 26, at the sports and recreation complex “Yunost.”

The next day will be fully dedicated to boxing matches.

The final day of the event will feature a closing ceremony performance at 15.00, says the website of the Tamala area administration.

Roman (Alexandrovich) Kitanin was born in Tamala settlement of the Penza region on January 1, 1978.

He graduated the Saratov Military Institute of Internal Forces under the MVD with merits, and served his military duty in the North Caucasus.

In 2007, Major Roman Kitanin, who headed over the reconnaissance in the 102nd nondivisional internal forces brigade, was serving his duties there. On June 2, a recon group under his command was caught in an ambush during a mission by Solnechnoye residential area in the Hasavurt area of Dagestan. As the lead of the group, Roman Kitanin took the enemy fire upon himself to allow his team to regroup.

The officer was buried in Tamala settlement.

For his bravery and heroism on duty, Major Roman Kitanin was posthumously awarded the status of the Hero of Russia in the presidential decree dated August 7 2007.

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