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Penza “Zenit” main football team players to hold gathering in late January

10:34 | 30.12.2015 | Sport


Penza, 30 December 2015. PenzaNews. The first team of “Zenit” that participates in the Russian football championship in the 2nd division of Center zone, will hold a gathering in Penza in late January after holidays, the team’s press secretary Nikolai Shumilin told PenzaNews agency.

According to him, the newly appointed head coach Armen Adamyan will arrive to the city around the mid-January, when the first gatherings and views for the youth team will begin.

“He is an experienced coach, already trained the team – assisted Sergei Filippenkov, replaced him during his studies in the Supreme Coach School. So there is consistency, and the team knows him,” Nikolai Shumilin stressed.

In 2015, Armen Adamyan worked with the Penza “Zenit” only in the beginning of the year, after which he left for Armenia to coach over “Mika” that he earlier helped to win the national Football Cup, he added.

According to Nikolai Shumilin, the decision about the gatherings is not final, and might change.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, the Penza “Zenit” was left without the head coach after Sergei Filippenkov, 44, unexpectedly passed away during the friendly veteran match on 15 October 2015, where he suddenly collapsed, and although the ER medics did they best, they were unable to save him.

The memorial service for Sergei Filippenkov, who brought “Zenit” to the best results in the team’s history, was held in Penza on October 16.

On December 25, the media learned that Armen Adamyan was appointed the new head coach of “Zenit.” 

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