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Penza “Diesel” defeats hockey club “Sarov” at 3:2

10:30 | 05.02.2016 | Sport


Penza, 5 February 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza “Diesel” has defeated “Sarov” – 3:2 – during its most recent away match of the Supreme Hockey League regular championship, which took place on Thursday, February 4.

Penza “Diesel” defeats hockey club “Sarov” at 3:2

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Nikita Lukin, Alexander Delnov and Sergei Ilmirsky scored for “Diesel,” while Vladislav Bogoslovsky and Dmitry Radchuk scratched one each for the Sarov team.

During the post-game press conference, Dmitry Vershinin, acting head coach of the hockey club “Diesel,” pointed out that the team studied their opponent fairly well, as they had come across it during the matches preceding the season.

“We went at the game versus the Sarov team well armed with knowledge, which ended up being useful. We played a confident, reliable and strict game, we were enormously committed. It is true we had a worry spot in the end: we had been keeping the initiative for the whole game until that moment, but we slightly let our guard down, and the opponents punished us. That was a good reason for my heart to skip a beat, but that’s what’s so interesting in hockey after all, in my opinion. Very happy for this victory!” Dmitry Vershinin explained.

In turn, Igor Averkin, trainer for “Sarov,” stressed that his team played a losers’ game.

“We are currently lacking several leaders for various reasons, who could support the players either in the changing room or during the game. The first two lines, where we had our hopes, could not save the game, they fell out completely. The third and the fourth ones made their effort, sneaked in one goal each, but that ended up being not enough. We were not united, but rather each man for himself. My words ended up not getting to the guys, it seemed to me they simply could not understand them. The reasons, we will figure them out. Will be meeting tomorrow to decide what we can do with the team and the tactics,” the press service of the hockey club “Sarov” quotes the team’s head coach.

After 44 matches, “Diesel” has 48 points and takes the 21st place in the Supreme Hockey League tournament roster.

The Penza club will hold its next game in Volzhsk versus “Ariada” on Saturday, February 6.

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