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Ivan Belozertsev, Yuri Dvoryaninov win veteran tennis tournament

18:13 | 21.02.2016 | Sport


Penza, 21 February 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev and the head of the executive committee of the regional branch of the United Russia party Yuri Dvoryaninov have won in the 100+ category of the two-day tennis tournament for veterans, dedicated to Defender’s Day, which concluded on Sunday, February 21.

Ivan Belozertsev, Yuri Dvoryaninov win veteran tennis tournament

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In the finals, which took place at “Victoria” tennis center, the two-men team competed against Vladimir Zubkov, former head of the Leninsky city area administration, and the businessman Sergei Rozhin.

The two teams played an equal game for the first two sets; however, in Ivan Belozertsev and Yuri Dvoryaninov ended up on the top in each case.

The governor said he was dissatisfied over his performance.

“Maybe I overexerted myself yesterday, possibly I did not recover enough today. Even though we won, I am disappointed with my performance. And my partner – [while] he played worse yesterday while I did better, today he was excellent. As we play in pairs, together we managed to win against several-times champions of the region in our age group today,” Ivan Belozertsev explained.

In turn, Vladimir Zuenkov, who played in pair with Sergei Rozhin in spite of the former’s injury, stressed that they will achieve new victories in the future.

“Can’t get my game on with my partner. He plays more than I do, after all. I began playing in 2007, he has been playing for 40 years. […] Playing against the governor in the finals is pleasant, if not simply an honor. And, moreover, Ivan Alexandrovich also has a rather short play record, and he did great all around. And his partner was good as well,” explained the former head of the Leninsky city area administration.

At the end of the tournament, Valery Afanasyev and Mikhail Matveev won the third place in the 100+ category.

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