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Penza “Dizelist” blows out “SKA-Karelia” at 7:1

11:52 | 25.02.2016 | Sport


Penza, 25 February 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza “Dizelist” has defeated the Kondopoga “SKA-Karelia,” 7:1, in the home game of the Youth Hockey League competition which was held on Wednesday, February 24.

Penza “Dizelist” blows out “SKA-Karelia” at 7:1

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The Penza team was the first to score during the first period, thanks to the forward Maxim Zabulika.

During the second period, “Dizelist” players snuck in five more goals against the enemy: Nail Kanteev and Vasily Moskakev scored within the span of two minutes from each other, followed by sharp-shooting by Dmitry Kiselev and Evgeny Yargaev, while Alexei Solovyev scored the sixth goal shortly before the break.

Dmitry Terekhin for “SKA-Karelia” finally managed to score a goal against “Dizelist” during the third period; however, the Penza team retaliated with another strike by Maxim Chigirev.

During the press conference after the match, Victor Belyakov, head coach of “SKA-Karelia,” pointed out that “Dizelist” is currently in a very decent form and ready for the play-offs.

“The final count speaks for itself. I think we will write it off on the young age of our defensemen, who, sadly, were unable to prove themselves. Possibly they did not get into the right mood, were not ready, as the team nearly lost the chances to get to the play-offs, and it seems like the tension of the previous games also took its toll,” he said.

In turn, Alexei Vaulin, trainer of “Dizelist,” pointed out that the game acted as a general rehearsal for the play-offs.

“We succeeded at winning in two matches, achieved our results. As for the today’s match, I can tell you that during the first period we saw the opponents getting onto the ice with great will to fight, there was tension during the match. I had to give the guys a little shake after the first period. We scored lucky goals. We are going forward, we have two games versus ‘Varyagy’ ahead of us. Our objective is a must-have win, in order to get a rock-solid approach to the play-offs up to scratch,” the press service of “Diesel” quotes Alexei Vaulin.

Before the play-offs, “Dizelist” has two games remaining versus the St. Petersburg region “SKA-Varyagy” during this weekend, February 27-28.

At the moment, the Penza team holds the fourth place in the tournament with 83 points.

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