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Penza “Laguna-UOR” loses versus “Torpedo-MAMI” in home game

11:49 | 13.03.2016 | Sport


Penza, 13 March 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza mini-football team “Laguna-UOR” has lost in a home match versus the Moscow “Torpedo-MAMI” during the 14th tour of the Russian mini-football championship for women’s teams in the Supreme League.

Penza “Laguna-UOR” loses versus “Torpedo-MAMI” in home game

Photo: Mfc-laguna.ru

The game in question took place on Saturday, March 12, at the sports and recreation center “Sputnik,” and concluded with the final score of 1:2.

The match promised to be a great sight right from its announcement, and the fact that the Penza team’s possible win would bring it very close to the opponent with an inevitable struggle for the second place further contributed to the intrigue. At the same time, the victory for the Moscow club would practically cement its position as the runner-up in the 2015-2016 season.

The first half of the match began with an even struggle; however, the visiting team slowly came to gain the initiative, with most of the action happening on the home team’s half of the field. Nevertheless, neither side managed to score the first goal.

The second period was marked by intense struggle on both sides.

The Penza team had as many as two opportunities for a goal at the 23rd minute: while the first one was a missed 3-vs-1 attack chance, Alexandra Chernova score a lucky goal during the second. Yet, “Laguna-UOR” had little time to remain happy, as Olesya Vorobey equalized the game in under a minute – 1:1.

The teams had to begin from scratch. The Moscow players mounted an assault against the Penza goal guarded by Maria Surnina, who numerous times saved her teammates from a seemingly inevitable goal, while some of the attacks were deflected by the goalposts. At the same time, Vitaly Antonov’s team also could not score as they struck quickly, but not accurately enough.

The strike at the 37th minute of the match decided the final fate, when a “Torpedo-MAMI”defenseman Anna Voronova struck the winning goal for her team by ending up in the right place at the right time.

In the last two minutes of the match, “Laguna-UOR” switched over for five outfielders in an attempt to save the game, albeit unsuccessfully, says the team’s website.

As a result, after a total of 19 games, the team has earned 23 points and holds the fourth place in the roster.

“Avrora” remains the unconditional leader of the championship, with 51 points after 19 matches. It is followed by “Torpedo-MAMI” – 31 points after the same number of matches – and “Snezhana-Kotelniki” – 23 points after 20 games.

During the 15th tour match on Saturday, March 19, “Laguna-UOR” will play a visiting game versus “Tyumen,” while “Torpedo-MAMI” will clash with “Avrora.”

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