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Penza “Dizelist” drops out of Youth Hockey League competition play-offs

09:31 | 23.03.2016 | Sport


Penza, 23 March 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza “Dizelist” has dropped out from the Youth Hockey League play-offs without reaching the semi-finals after losing to the Voronezh region “Rossosh” – 1:5 – in a home match in the evening of Tuesday, March 22.

Penza “Dizelist” drops out of Youth Hockey League competition play-offs

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The game gathered a lot of fans, and the seats were overcrowded, so some of them had to watch the game standing. The fans of “Rossosh” occupied a half of one of the sections at the seats.

The first goal was scored on the 10th minute of the first period, as Ruslan Rubtsov from “Rossosh” struck an accurate blow.

The guest team snuck in their second goal on the 4th minute of the second period, thanks to Victor Kalny. Just two minutes later, “Rossosh” successfully exploited a power play moment, and Andrei Geraschenko scored the third goal. The fourth successful attack against “Dizelist” followed in around a minute with a precise strike by Ruslan Rubtsov.

All four goals were made against the Maxim Borisov, who was shortly before recognized as the best goalkeeper of the Youth Hockey League round of 16. After the fourth score against “Dizelist,” he was replaced by Kirill Orekhov, who protected the goal until the end of the match.

Following that, no more goals were seen during the second period.

Before the third part of the game, the young fans of “Dizelist” went out on the rink to wish their favorite players luck and victory in the match. The team coach Alexei Vaulin promised to the youngest of them that “it’ll be there now.” Soon after, on the 7th minute of the third period, David Dumbadze managed to score a goal against the opponents – the only point for his team that match.

Two minutes before the end of the game, Andrei Geraschenko from “Rossosh” scored yet another goal against “Dizelist,” bringing the score to 1:5.

As a result, the Penza team has dropped out of the Youth Hockey League play-offs and “Rossosh” moves on to the semi-finals. The opponents of the Voronezh club are yet to be determined.

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