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Penza “Laguna-UOR” begins actively searching for new head coach

13:05 | 16.06.2016 | Sport


Penza, 16 June 2016. PenzaNews. The head management of the Penza women’s mini-football club “Laguna-UOR” are reviewing potential candidates for the head coach position, with the plans to find a new and successful leader for the players up to the beginning of the new season if necessary, the club’s president Vitaly Antonov informed PenzaNews.

Penza “Laguna-UOR” begins actively searching for new head coach

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“Last year, I had to work on two positions in the club at the same time – a president, and a head coach – because the difficult situation that occurred in the club in the past year 2.5 months before the end of the [Russian] championship made it practically impossible to find the new coach,” he said.

As he explained, the club did review a number of candidates for the new head coach; however, none of the candidates agreed to take the position in the end.

“All of them were afraid to fail and end up with nothing. […] The girls reacted to that in an adequate and normal manner. Thankfully, we all continued to move forward and progress: we won five games out of the most recent eight, with one tie and two losses,” Vitaly Antonov recalled.

According to him, continuing this combination of two offices is unsuitable, as “everybody must do their own job.”

As the “Laguna-UOR” president clarified, the team continues to review resumes from new candidates.

“We will choose the worthy one. We will see who would be able to pull it off and who would not,” he remarked.

In an answer to the question about potentially considering to re-employ the previous head coach of “Laguna-UOR” Mikhail Kryukov on the position, Vitaly Antonov explained that his candidacy may be reviewed together with others’.

“We told him that if he wants to continue working with the club once the season ends, he must send us a request, meet with us and speak with the founders. […] However, we received no requests from him so far. […] The emotions went down since the past season. We do realize that everybody can make mistakes or act emotionally. Everything has calmed down now,” he said, adding that emotions should not affect one’s performance.

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