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Anastasia Fesikova to take part only in Russian Swimming Cup before Rio Olympics

17:52 | 25.06.2016 | Sport


Penza, 25 June 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza swimmer Anastasia Fesikova will be taking part only in the Russian Swimming Cup stage in Penza on Monday, June 27, before the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, her coach Natalya Kozlova told PenzaNews.

Anastasia Fesikova to take part only in Russian Swimming Cup before Rio Olympics

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“Since we live here, we will take part,” she told, adding that the competition will be followed by an intense training session for the Olympics.

According to her, mental training is going to be the hardest part of the process.

“It’s the Olympics, it’s the history. Your name and your surname are entered there forever. After a World Championship, you are an ex-world champion. Here, you are Anastasia Zueva [nee surname of Anastasia Fesikova], silver-medal winner in London, and you will stay this way for life, you will keep this title,” Natalya Kozlova explained.

Another particular moment during the Olympic Games training is higher responsibility for the process, the coach added.

“You want to show your best on the Olympics and show good time. The Olympics is very much like a celebration. A world championship is only for swimming, but the Olympics is for everything,” she pointed out.

Anastasia Fesikova plans to push herself to the limit at the Games, Natalya Kozlova stressed.

“All who go there do so. I think just visiting the Olympic Games is great. […] Anastasia is a person who always works hard. She never swims halfheartedly. If she goes there, she will fight to the end,” the coach said.

According to her, Anastasia Fesikova will begin her training in Portugal on July 19, followed by going to Brazil for the Games.

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