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Russian checkers tournament Irina Karaeva plans to find coach soon

12:28 | 04.08.2016 | Sport


Penza, 4 August 2016. PenzaNews. The Russian champion in checkers among people with locomotor disabilities from Penza Irina Karaeva is planning to find a coach in the nearest future, she announced at the open meeting of the regional federation for disabled athletes “Povolzhye” on Thursday, August 4.

Russian checkers tournament Irina Karaeva plans to find coach soon

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“I hope to find him and improve further. People are training, after all,” she explained.

Along with that, Irina Karaeva shared her experience of the Russian tournament, particularly the second-to-last stage that left the biggest impression on her.

“I met a very strong opponent there – a Candidate for Masters of Sports. To put it bluntly, he made a mistake. My heart was beating from excitement, I nearly began to shake,” she said.

There were no weak players at the competition of full-fledged and candidate masters of sports, the Russian checkers champion noted.

“We were neck-to-neck to the last tour, and the tour was decisive,” Irina Karaeva said.

According to her, she needed just a single draw at the final stage of the tournament to win by points.

“I reached my first draw, and finally could breathe free. The second game was also a draw, so I was ahead by half a point,” she explained.

Overall, the countrywide checkers tournament, which was hosted in Kabardino-Balkaria, left a nice impression on her, Irina Karaeva added.

“It was wonderful there – the nature was beautiful. The weather left a bit more to be desired – it was raining, but the final days of my stay there were warm, and I even had a moment to go for a walk and visit Mount Elbrus,” she summed up.

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