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Penza greets Denis Ablyazin with dancing, singing and gymnastic performances

21:40 | 22.08.2016 | Sport


Penza, 22 August 2016. PenzaNews. Honoring of the Olympic 2016 prize-winner Denis Ablyazin and his trainer Sergey Starkin was held in Penza on Monday, August 22.

Celebrations began on Moskovskaya Street near shopping centre “Arbat” — as soon as the gymnast appeared in public, he was immediately surrounded by a crowd of townspeople, wishing to receive the autograph and take a picture with him.

Penza greets Denis Ablyazin with dancing, singing and gymnastic performances

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Nearby there was a car with a loudspeaker through which Penza residents were introduced to the way the athlete went on to Olympic medals.

Giving out autographs, the gymnast had time to talk to journalists and answer questions from fans, among whom were adults and children. Many people in the back asked those in the front to move a little “ to have a glimpse” of the winner and his medals.

Some time later, the column moved in the direction of Penza Lunacharsky regional drama theater. On the way the people ran up to the gymnast to take a picture or get an autograph. On both sides of Moskovskaya Street, there were Penza residents with posters in support of Denis Ablyazin. Thhe applause sounded along the way almost without a break.

Near the drama theater the athlete and his coach were met by a flash mob — a few dozen young people dancing with flags. The people were shouting out congratulations to Denis Ablyazin.

Addressing the gathering, the gymnast thanked Penza citizens for their support.

“I am very pleased that you have organized such a warm meeting. I am glad to be in the city where I am loved and appreciated, ” he said.

His mentor Sergei Starkin promised to keep up with the high results int he future.

In turn, the Minister of physical culture and sports of the region Grigory Kabelsky reminded that athletes performing for the Penza region, made a significant contribution to the Russian national team score — seven medals including two gold, three silver and two bronze.

After the official part at the theatre, Denis Ablyazin accompanied by a bikers’ column went to the palace of sports “Burtasy” where the celebration. There were no vacant seats in the stands — many had to stand greeting their countryman.

The event included performances by young gymnasts — under “Go, Russia!” song accopmaniment they demonstrated their skills on the platform, the rings, vault and uneven bars.

Government representatives also arrived to “Burtasy” to congratulate Denis Ablyazin.

The vice-governor of the Penza region Valery Savin wished the gymnast and his coach new sports victories and achievements.

In turn, Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev said that the victory of Denis Ablyazin is a credit to his parents.

“They not only granted you the right to live, but also laid the core that allows you confidently going through life; and, of course, the coach who taught you to stand the blow. Everything else was achieved through your determination. We saw once again that you are a strong person. [...] It is thanks to people like you, that makes Russia strong. Thanks to you our city Penza is glorified,” he said.

During the celebration, children used to ran up to Denis Ablyazin watching him enthusiastically and not believing it was him, asking each other: “Is this really Ablyazin?»

The event ended with fireworks in honour of the prize-winner of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

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