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PenzaNews team wins silver medal in “Cross GTO”

09:24 | 24.09.2016 | Sport


Penza, 24 September 2016. PenzaNews. PenzaNews team represented by photojournalist Maxim Kostyushin and correspondent Margarita Krivtsova took second place among the media representatives in the action “Cross GTO.”

PenzaNews team wins silver medal in “Cross GTO”

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The gold of the tournament, held on Friday, September, 23, went to TRC “Express,” and the third was the team of TRC “Penza.”

The tournament was held on the square near the Penza Lunacharsky Regional Drama Theater in individual and team standings. In addition to the media, the teams represented universities, colleges and fitness centers.

Sports fans began to gather well before the start. First, all participants had to register and receive a serial number in their category: standards considered sex and age of the competitors.

Then, the participants gathered at the field where the competitions were held. It looked like an obstacle course: on two lanes with a special coating there were mats with a tennis ball for push-ups, markings for the long jump from the spot, a bench with an attached sheet-ruler to measure flexibility, a mat for torso lifting and portable horizontal bars. Pull-ups were for men only. On the side of the lanes there was a running 50-meter path, so the participants ran forth and back, as the distance of standings amounted to 150 meters.

Awards — medals, cups and diplomas — were handed by the Minister of Physical Education and Sports of the Penza region Grigory Kabelsky.

In addition, they received sports shop certificates, which could be used to purchase clothing and equipment, small gifts from sponsors, as well as tickets for 1-3 months in popular fitness centers.

All participants were given received maroon caps with “GTO” inscription.

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