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Penza «Diesel” defeats “Ariada-NH” at 6:4

21:19 | 16.10.2016 | Sport


Penza, 16 October 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza “Diesel” defeated the team of “Ariada-NH” from Volzhsk in the last match of the championship domestic series of the Higher Hockey League by a score 6:4.

Penza «Diesel” defeats “Ariada-NH” at 6:4

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The game took place on Sunday, October 16.

The starting lineup of the Penza team surprised its fans – Alexei Surovegin was at the gate instead of Denis Motoshin who got injured during the morning training.

In the first period, “Diesel” attacked the opponent’s gate several times, which led to a goal in the 8th minute by Pavel Yatsenkov. One and a half minute later, Artem Bobikov from “Ariada-NH” evened the score. After that, the forward of the Volzhsk team Airat Murzin managed to shoot a power-play goal.

In the beginning of the second period, the puck hit the “Ariada-NH” gate; however, it was not scored. “Diesel” players did not give up, and several minutes later Andrei Mnikhovich made a goal. One more minute later, the red light behind the gate of the Volzhsk team was lit by David Dumbadze. In the ninth minute of the second period, Alexander Tarasov strengthened the position of the “Diesel” team, which was immediately shaken by the forward of “Ariada-NH” Ildar Shiksatdarov, with the Volzhsk team playing short-handed.

After that, it was decided to replace the goal-keeper of “Diesel”  - Denis Motoshin, under the applause of fans, despite the pain stood up to defend the gate.  In the twelfth minute, Alexei Volgin shot the fifth puck into the gate, the point was scored only after the video replay.

There was also a replacement of the goalkeeper in “Ariada-NH” – Ivan Starostin stood up instead of Georgy Anarkulov.

In the end of the final period, “Diesel” took a 30-second break, however, immediately after it Artem Garifulin from “Ariada-NH” scored with an accurate shot.

The Volzhsk team after a timeout made a decision to withdraw the goalkeeper; as a result, 8 seconds till the end of the game, Ivan Sukhin from “Diesel” shot a puck into the empty net over half the playground.

Thus, after 13 games the Penza team scored 27 points and reached the second place of the standings.

“Diesel” will play the next away game on the coming Saturday, October 22. The opponent will be the “Ryazan” hockey club.

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