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Underwater swimming to be developed in Penza

16:40 | 01.12.2016 | Sport


Penza, 1 December 2016. PenzaNews. The regional public organization the Penza Region Underwater Swimming Federation went through the official registration process.

Underwater swimming to be developed in Penza

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“This federation is necessary in order to take part in competitions, that is why I turned to [the director of the center of water sports] Lyudmila Karpova. She said that she is interested in the creation of such new branch,” the head of the regional underwater swimming federation Oleg Filippov told PenzaNews.

According to him, underwater swimming development will become a perspective for many athletes who go traditional swimming but cannot further improve their results.

“We need to provide facilities in order to develop, it will lead to some expenditures – we need flippers. It is necessary to make a monofin. They are not in production but can be made for each person individually,” the interlocutor explained.

Oleg Filippov noted that before the federation establishment, underwater swimming trainings were available to few people, his daughter, for instance, is an underwater swimmer and it was she who inspired the man to found the organization.

“I hope this sport will be developed. My daughter is interested in it. Now she is going to enter the faculty of physical education and to work in this direction, but till now we do not have coaches as such,” the head of the federation said.

He added that he hopes for help from parents and sponsors who will decide to contribute to the development of this rare type of swimming.

Oleg Filippov informed that now trainings will take place in the water sports palace “Sura” at the long course.

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