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Alexander Elatontsev explains how he plans to develop adaptive sport in Penza

16:20 | 01.06.2017 | Sport


Penza, 1 June 2017. PenzaNews. The ex-head of the internal policy department of the regional government Alexander Elatontsev, who was appointed director of the newly established children and youth adaptive sports school, named main areas of work for the near future.

Alexander Elatontsev explains how he plans to develop adaptive sport in Penza

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"I think we will have to solve two main issues. Penza athletes took part neither in Summer Olympic Games nor in Winter ones. It is not quite right. We have a lot of sports facilities: swimming pools and sports centres. Anyway, we will work in this direction. It is sport of higher achievements," he explained to the PenzaNews journalist.

Alexander Elatontsev added that the second issue is to make a maximum number of disabled children involved in sport.

"Most children with disabilities simply stay at home having no possibility to do sport. That is why the second work area I plan to develop is to make them involved. I will work to ensure that as many children as possible start doing sport instead of sitting in front of a computer within four walls," the interlocutor explained.

According to him, the children and youth adaptive sports school will be located in the sports complex "Zvezda" and will accept children starting September 1.

Alexander Elatontsev said that the proposal to head the school was made by the minister of sport of the Penza region Grigory Kabelsky.

"I worked in the sphere of education for 14 years and 6 of them I occupied the position of school director. At one time, I had to organize a Cossack cadet corps nearly from scratch. Now it keeps on working successfully," the head of the institution noted.

He also explained that after he left the government he had a kind of a break.

"I left the position of internal policy department head on my own initiative. [...] I had to decide what I would do in the future," Alexander Elatontsev said.

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