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Thousands of Penza residents participate in Ski Track of Russia

15:15 | 10.02.2018 | Sport


Penza, 10 February 2018. PenzaNews. Russia, which was held in woodland in the territory of the Arbekovo neighbourhood on Saturday, February 10.

Thousands of Penza residents participate in Ski Track of Russia

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Lovers of an active way of life, among whom there were representatives of different ages, received hats and participant numbers.

A festive atmosphere was created near the stadium Snezhinka, music was playing.

Welcoming the participants, the first deputy chairman of the government – the gubernatorial and regional government staff chief Larisa Ryabikhina noted that sunny weather established in the region on the day of the competition.

"I think that we should wish each other health, strength, and our own victory to each of us. I have been even trusted with a gun today. I am horrified thinking that I have to give a start. But I am ready. Good luck to everyone!" she said and made a shot that signalled the start of the competition.

There were many young people among those who decided to participate in the race. People often came with their families.

According to the minister of physical culture and sports of the Penza region Grigory Kabelsky, the Ski Track of Russia is one of the most favourite mass events.

"We are going to sum up the results, but I think that over 10,000 people participated in the race in the Penza region today," he said to a PenzaNews correspondent noting that residents are not just aiming to cover the distance but they train themselves with excitement before the competition to show the highest possible result.

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