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Opinion: American oligarchs’ political ambitions push world to nuclear war

16:05 | 05.09.2017 | Analytic


Penza, 5 September 2017. PenzaNews. The political course of the United States is largely determined by the oligarchs who stay in the shadow and whose ambitions often contradict the interests of ordinary citizens of the country. This opinion is expressed by Rahul Manchanda, American analyst, Attorney who was ranked among Top Attorneys in the US by Newsweek Magazine in 2012 and 2013, in his article Only US Deep State Oligarchs Want World War III, published in several foreign Media.

Opinion: American oligarchs’ political ambitions push world to nuclear war

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“As long as the Deep State Oligarchs can continue […] to bribe the entire US Congress and Senate and shut out completely the American citizen voter with hundreds of billions of dollars to one, President Donald Trump will never be able to accomplish anything for the American People,” the article says.

According to the author, these people must be identified and unmasked because their actions are disastrous for US policy and dangerous for the whole world.

“They allow the US Congress and Senate to take the blame for such horrific travesties as passing new provocative sanctions against Russia, Iran, North Korea and other nations, which are completely and totally designed to provoke conflict. They were also behind the provocations in the Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Africa, Eurasia and Europe resulting in billions of people dead or displaced,” the analyst believes.

“Already the European Union has openly rebelled against these latest American unilateral sanctions, because the USA is supposed to first consult with and obtain permission before engaging in global activity which could destroy the European Economy,” Rahul Manchanda reminds.

According to him, a new sanctions package related to the project of Russian natural gas supplies to Europe cripples not only US enemies, but also its so called “friends.”

“America Firsters’ need to also recognize and understand that a certain degree of globalism and international cooperation is absolutely essential for their own national security, otherwise America is just behaving like a ‘spoiled kid in the playground,’ whose inevitable fate is a bloodied noise by the other kids,” the article says.

Meanwhile, in his opinion, this “bloody nose” in the political sense, implies nothing but the beginning of the Third World War with the use of nuclear weapons, which inevitably leads to the death of all mankind.

“While the US Congress and Senate members take most, if not all of the blame for pushing the world around, knocking out sovereign governments […] the oligarch ‘puppet masters’ continue to go about their business, spending time with their families, living in their luxury homes, driving their elite automobiles, sending their kids to the top private schools and ivy league universities, swimming in limitless amounts of liquid capital, above the law, and generally enjoying complete and total immunity,” the expert explains.

He also calls those who promote dangerous bills political “prostitutes” that sell their votes for “near-certain human extinction.”

“Many sage and astute observers and analysts have now traced the latest bout of sanctions […] entirely to the massive lobbying and monetary power of the energy sector and military industrial complex,” Rahul Manchanda says and adds that it became an accepted practice in the US.

From his point of view, lobbying has been justified in such landmark US Supreme Court decisions as Citizens United v FEC that significantly influenced the practice of financing election campaigns, giving American business and trade unions the right to freely spend money for campaigning for or against certain candidates.

“[It] allowed international corporations and international banks to successfully overpower financially all regular American citizens combined to achieve their lobbying goals, and to pursue their own interests, rather than the citizenry’s interests. The American people were rendered powerless and leaderless after this court decision,” Rahul Manchanda explains.

At the same time, one of the points of the adopted law on sanctions, according to him, limits even the American president himself — for example, Donald Trump cannot now abolish any of the previously imposed sanctions against Russia without justifying such a step in the Congress and obtaining the consent of the relevant committees of both houses of parliament. Moreover, this restriction applies to any decision of the president, which will significantly change the foreign policy of the United States in relation to the Russian Federation.

“So quite simply, the fact that the American people overwhelmingly came out to support and vote for Donald Trump to be President, really made no difference anyway, since these mega-corporations and international banks simply only need to buy [...] every member of the US Congress and Senate, and include a provision in the bill disallowing the people’s elected President to veto their bill,” the article says.

According to him, these deep state oligarchs have a real opportunity to completely and totally bypass the will of the people of the US, the European Union, Russia, Eurasia, Middle East and Africa and nullify all Donald Trump’s efforts to realize his election promises, if these steps do not account for their personal interests and ambitions.

“This is a clarion call to the world’s people, to identify and out these […] enemies of humanity […] and pin the blame on the parties and individuals responsible for, on a near daily basis, bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war,” the analyst says.

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