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29 October 2014

Nigerian patient hospitalized in Penza tested Ebola-negative

29.10.14 18:15 | Society

The Nigerian student hospitalized in Penza this Monday, October 27, has been tested Ebola-negative, the official spokesperson for the regional Ministry of Health told PenzaNews agency in the evening of Wednesday, October 29.

Ebola-suspected patient's condition found satisfactory

29.10.14 17:37 | Society

The condition of the Nigerian patient who was hospitalized in Penza with a suspected case of Ebola is satisfactory, informed the spokesman of the regional department of Health Ministry on the evening of Wednesday, October 29.

Oleg Totsky promised Vasily Bochkarev to build livestock complex near Penza

29.10.14 16:51 | Economy

A well-known regional businessman Oleg Totsky promised to build a new livestock complex in the Penza region, said the governor Vasily Bochkarev on Wednesday, October 29.

Anti-aging eye medicine presented by MSU scientists at Penza conference

29.10.14 15:42 | Society

Scientists from the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) presented unique eyedrops at the conference “Topical issues of ophthalmology,” held in Penza on Wednesday, October 29.

Penza region governor changed mind on museum in former maternity building

29.10.14 15:08 | Society

The Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev, who suggested to set up an art gallery in the former maternity clinic hospital, was dissatisfied with the project by Evgeny Shilov, the head of culture and the archive of the region, that plans for the creation of a multy-type ...

Penza “Green patrol” uncovered illegal trash dump on Mebelnaya street

29.10.14 10:58 | Society

The activists of “Green patrol” society, a city-wide subdivision of Lavrenty Zagoskin youth center “Russian Geographic Society Pathfinders,” have located an illegal trash dump by the house No. 10 on Mebelnaya street in Penza.

Sergei Oleinik explained how doctors acted during suspected Ebola case hospitalization

29.10.14 10:04 | Society

The Penza medical workers did a good job when a Nigerian student with heat fever was hospitalized with a possible case of Ebola, said Sergei Oleinik, the deputy chief medical officer on epidemiology for the Penza region special medical care center that accepted the patient.

Kuznetsk area libraries received over 1,000 new books

29.10.14 09:40 | Culture

The inter-town central library of the Kuznetsk area received over 1,000 new books from the Lermontov Penza regional library.

Penza to commemorate political repressions victims

29.10.14 09:30 | Society

The Day of remembrance of victims of political repressions will be commemorated in Penza this Thursday, October 30.

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