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9 November 2015

CPRF regional committee to open Georgy Kamnev’s deputy center, health and communal courses

09.11.15 16:58 | Society

The Penza regional committee of the Communist Party based in a building on Kirova street, 24B, in the nearest future will be opening a deputy center for its leader Georgy Kamnev with free-of-charge legal consulting, as well as two public course programs to teach people about ...

Victoria Malyutina wins silver at Russian swimming championship

09.11.15 16:35 | Sport

Victoria Malyutina has won the silver medal at the international swimming championship held in Kazan as a representative of the Penza region.

Penza student team members return from countrywide gathering in Chelyabinsk

09.11.15 16:26 | Society

Members of over 20 leading student teams in the Penza region have returned from the countrywide gathering in commemoration of the end of the 56th service semester, held in Chelyabinsk.

Bank Kuznetsky launches free Wi-Fi network in main office

09.11.15 16:10 | Society

The Penza Bank Kuznetsky has launched a free wireless Internet access zone in its head office on Krasnaya street, 104, open for all individuals and company representatives visiting the bank.

MegaFon to offer smartphone owners free domestic network calls

09.11.15 12:43 | Society

The Penza users of MegaFon’s “Vse Vklucheno” all-inclusive plans have gained new advantages, such as free-of-charge domestic calls, expanded Internet package, and decreased monthly pay.

Vladimir Volkov takes part in international investment forum in Gagauzia

09.11.15 11:58 | Economy

Vladimir Volkov, acting first assistant deputy chairman for the Penza region government, regional Assistant Minister of Investment Development and Foreign Trade, has taken part in the first international investment forum in Gagauzia.

Penza cluster “Biomed” to take part in countrywide cardio surgeons conference

09.11.15 11:22 | Society

The companies of the Penza region engineering and production cluster “Biomed” will take part in the 21st Russian cardiovascular surgeons conference in Moscow on November 22-25.

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