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CPRF regional committee to open Georgy Kamnev’s deputy center, health and communal courses

16:58 | 09.11.2015 | Society


Penza, 9 November 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza regional committee of the Communist Party based in a building on Kirova street, 24B, in the nearest future will be opening a deputy center for its leader Georgy Kamnev with free-of-charge legal consulting, as well as two public course programs to teach people about communal affairs and healthy lifestyle and food habits.

CPRF regional committee to open Georgy Kamnev’s deputy center, health and communal courses

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According to Georgy Kamnev, the decision to open a public course on communal affairs was spurred by the growing number of reports related quality of communal services and payment of bills.

“The courses are open for everybody. The experts in communal affairs will explain you what to do during the transition from one communal company to another, how to tackle red-handed ‘communals,’ where to address questions in case of any communal issues, and so on. The courses will take place at 17.00 every Friday in the conference hall of the CPRF regional committee building. The first meeting and the opening presentation for the communal affairs cource will take place on November 13,” said the Penza region Legislative Assembly deputy.

The citizens of the region can also address their questions to the resident lawyer during free consulting sessions that will take place every Thursday between 10.00 and 13.00, the same time as meetings with the deputy, he added.

Describing the healthy lifestyle and food habits course, Georgy Kamnev stressed that it was opened thanks to requests from voters.

“More often than not, quality of food in stores leaves much to be desired – especially when it comes to meat and milk goods. After the Russian countersanctions against the Western countries, our country has increased palm oil purchases manifold, and many experts agree palm oil is harmful to people. All these issues concern Penza citizens. We invited healthcare experts who will be telling you during the course on how to eat healthy, what foods to avoid, and how to lead a healthy lifestyle,” explained the leader of Penza Communists.

The healthy lifestyle and food habits course will open at 13.00 of November 15 in the conference hall of the CPRF regional committee building, he noted.

“The course meetings will be held each Sunday and open for everybody. Again, I would like to remind you that the CPRF regional committee has moved this September to the city center and is now located in Penza city on Kirova street, 24B. The nearby bus stops are ‘Sberbank,’ ‘Oktyabr’ and ‘Detskaya Biblioteka.’ For any questions, please call 679-000,” Georgy Kamnev said.

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