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15 December 2015

Mikhail Krasnov: Young doctors need financial support badly

15.12.15 17:05 | Society

The young doctors must receive additional financial support to keep them in profession, suggested Mikhail Krasnov, co-chairman of the regional APF branch, head of the regional cardiovascular center, neurosurgeon at the Burdenko clinical hospital, during the roundtable discussion on healthcare field staff shortage in the regional ...

Ivan Belozertsev highlights issues for new Penza city mayor to resolve

15.12.15 16:02 | Politics

The new Penza city mayor will have complete such crucial tasks as recovering the profits for the city budget, getting the communal field in order, and fulfilling the program to move people from dilapidated housing, suggested the governor Ivan Belozertzev during the session of the United Russia party faction in the City Duma on ...

One third Penza region doctors to be under 36 by 2018

15.12.15 15:54 | Medicine

One third of the total number of doctors in the Penza region will be under 36 in 2018, announced Natalya Tyugaeva, head of the Medical Care and Health Resort Affairs Management Department of the regional Health Ministry, announced during the roundtable discussion in the regional Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, December 15.

Mikhail Shein to fight for world champion title belt during “Battle on Sura 5”

15.12.15 15:33 | Sport

The kickboxers Mikhail Shein (Penza) and Tomas Mozny (Slovakia) will hold a competition for the WKN world professional champion title belt during “Battle on Sura 5.”

Two children hit by cars over past 24 hours

15.12.15 13:28 | Incidents

Two children received injuries in traffic accidents that took place on Penza region roads over the past 24 hours.

Payday loan organizations check results announced in Penza

15.12.15 12:02 | Society

Alexei Ryabov, head of the Economy Development Department of the Penza city administration, has announced the results of payday loan organizations check during the weekly city hall session held on Tuesday, December 15.

“TNS Energo Penza” – “PenzaNews” mentioned by Glasnost Defense Foundation monitoring

15.12.15 11:22 | Society

The November 3 incident involving the staff of “TNS Energo Penza” who obstructed the PenzaNews agency photo reporter Maxim Kostyushin in his objective of taking photos of the company’s building and the adjacent area was mentioned in the monitoring list of ...

Georgy Kamnev names three negative factors posed by foreign fast food chains

15.12.15 10:45 | Society

Georgy Kamnev, first secretary of the CPRF regional committee, deputy of the Penza region Legislative Assembly, has posted his reaction to the upcoming opening of the third McDonald’s fast food restaurant in the region, and named three negative factors characteristic ...

Valery Lidin in Orenburg with business visit

15.12.15 10:22 | Politics

Valery Lidin, chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly, has arrived to Orenburg with a business visit.

Penza actors to visit Hungary with New Year fairy tale play

15.12.15 10:14 | Culture

A delegation of actors from the Penza regional Lunacharsky Drama Theater, led by its artistic director Sergei Kazakov, will leave for Hungary on Tuesday, December 15.

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